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Choose The Packing Material

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Choose The Packing Material
Issue Time:2019-03-06
Choose the packing material.According to the product performance to select the corresponding packaging materials, packaging containers, at the same time to choose the appropriate auxiliary packaging materials to packaging products, such as paper packaging, foam, transparent film, honeycomb cardboard and paper pulp molding, etc. Shaver Gift Packaging Box Factory Select the packaging method.According to the requirements of product protection strength, it is convenient to use, convenient for mechanical handling and transportation, and choose the appropriate packaging process and packing method.
1 the manual shaver is clean and thorough.
In general, manual shaving takes longer, about 10 to 15 minutes, but it is cleaner.It is characterized by low cost, easy operation and thorough cleaning.
2 electric shaver is quick and convenient.
Considerations for choosing a razor:
1. The handle of the tool holder is comfortable and anti-skid, the handle length is moderate and the weight is suitable.
2. Sharp blade, not easy to rust, has a certain lubricating effect.
3. The voltage of the imported product should be in line with the domestic product, and whether the product has a warranty
period and whether the accessories are complete are the prerequisites for the selection.